Why Were You shopping?

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Not everyone got gift cards this holiday season and as usual, not everyone got exactly what they wanted. An estimated third of the country's population hit retail outlets to return presents that weren't up to expectations Monday. But businesses didn't let even the disgruntled shoppers sneak by without trying to tempt them into spending their returns on site with deep discounts and new merchandise.

Here's why a few area folks turned out at the mall:

"We had some cash left over from Christmas burning a hole in our pocket," says Cindy Brenner. "We thought we might find something wonderful," her mom Ruth Lehman added.

"My mom came out to return some things, so I brought my gift card," says Brandon Doering, who bought a game.

"She doesn't really know what to get me anymore," says Sophia Skwierczynski, of her gift from her mother. "She just gave me cash and I asked for this (giftcard)."

"We're just returning some stuff," explained Curtis Baskin. "Even though it's supposed to be busy, we're just here trying to get it done."

"There's lots of good deals today, especially in the mornings," says Lindsy Beaver. "They've been like 50 percent off and stuff, so it's a good day to come to the mall."