"Ice Train" Up for Adoption

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Legally speaking, the manager of the Chippewa County Humane Association* say "Ice Train," the Siberian Husky, is now theirs.

Some 400 people have called, e-mailed, or stopped in to ask about the dog.

Shelter workers have kept "Ice Train" away from the other dogs, saying he's been stressed out with all the attention people have been giving him.

If whoever actually owns "Ice Train" shows up after he's been adopted, shelter workers say they'll mediate between the two parties.

"We do have applications on him and we're just going to go case by case with those applications and get him to the best house possible," said Shelter Manager Vickie O'Branovich.

A week ago, "Ice Train" became frozen to railroad tracks in what's known as 'The Flats' area. A driver saw this and called police, who helped rescue the dog and bring him to the shelter.