Beware of Thin Ice

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The warmer temperatures we've been experiencing are creating hazardous conditions for people who are out on the ice.
Signs and barricades are being put up at boat landings at Lake Eau Claire and Lake Altoona to restrict vehicle access.
Yesterday, a vehicle on each lake broke at least partially through the ice. No one was injured.
Sheriff's officials are warning people to be careful if going on the ice at all. They say ice thickness varies greatly throughout a lake's surface.
Across the state, one man had a close call after getting trapped on a patch of ice near Green Bay. Ken Chaudior was ice fishing when a 30 foot gap opened up between him and the shore.
He fired flares into the air, someone saw them and called 911.
"I got surprised. I didn't think the crack was going to open up because there was no wind. It was dead still all day. It shouldn't have opened up, but it did," Chaudior says.
"It was frustrating and embarrassing to say the least."
Chaudior didn't need medical attention.