Military Chaplain Dedicated to Counseling Young Men and Women

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Chuck Perry is very fond of the men an women serving in Iraq.
"We have some of America's finest over there," said Chaplain Chuck Perry.
Perry knows what the soldiers are going through, he's a veteran of the Vietnam war. Now that he's a military chaplain, Perry counsels those in need.
"I remembered how mixed up I was and how confused I was and if I could only help young people through this time in this life that would be my mission."
He made it out of Vietnam safely, but had a close call with death on home soil, Chaplain Perry discovered his purpose in life in Alaska when his car nearly collided head-on into a truck.
"The next thing I notice is that I am standing out on the road looking for dents on the truck and there were no dents but there was a sense that God was there and I just knew that god had spared my life."
Finding God inspired him to give up alcohol and drugs then went to Bible college and dedicated his life to the ministry.
"I'm fulfilling my calling and doing what god has called me to do."
Since September 11th ignited the war on terror, Chaplain Perry is now able to fulfill his calling full time. He will return to Iraq in may to serve his fourth tour since the war in Iraq began. Until then, he'll enjoy his time at home with his wife, grandson, and his faith.