Sherman Firing Doesn't Surprise Packer Fans

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Before the season was over questions of Former Packers coach Mike Sherman's possible firing began to surface.
Local fans say his exit from the team, was not that surprising.
People who gathered to watch the Badger game this afternoon were talking about Sherman's firing.
"I think it was inevitable. His term ran it's course and it's time for the team to go in a new direction," said Packer fan Jeff Kirschling.
But not everyone was pleased with the team's decision.
"I think the team's making a big mistake," Packer fan Derek Husar said.
Packers GM Ted Thompson says he plans to start interviewing candidates this week but some fans already have replacements in mind.
"I like the theory of Steve Mariucci coming back," Packer fan Chris Becker said.
All of this coinciding with the possible retirement of a certain quarterback.
"I think Mariucci would be good because I think that would keep Favre around," Kirschling said.
Which is basically what it all comes down to with Packer fans.
There is going to be a new coach, but most people seem to be more concerned on this affects the future of Brett Favre.
"Favre said before if Sherman's fired he'll retire and I think he'll follow through with that," Husar added.
Which could end up being a double whammy for Packer fans.