Keeping Track of Calories

Year after year, surveys show Americans' number one resolution for the New Year is to lose weight.
This year there are some web sites to keep you on the straight and narrow by giving you the real skinny on all the numbers you need to shed those pounds this year.

Read them and weep. The fast food calorie numbers that is. One website called Chow Baby has all the nutritional info you need to stick with your goals. From Arby's to White Castle, you can select from a long drop down list of fast food restaurants, just about every chain is on the site and once you pick a place, you're presented with a list of all the meal choices on the menu.

Another good site is the Calorie King site. It has a nutritional search feature on more than 30-thousand different foods that you prepare yourself or get from a restaurant. Also check out the create-a-meal-feature that lets you build a menu and learn about nutrition by dragging food items over to a plate.

One more calorie counting site, called Calorie Control. Besides calorie info, you'll also find a body mass index calculator, an exercise calculator, and once you get where you need to be, a weight maintenance calculator.