Search for Evidence

The Chippewa County Sheriff's Department shut down a section of county road double "T" north of Jim Falls Tuesday.
The department closed the Cobban Bridge to search for evidence a tipster says was dropped off the bridge.
Investigators are not saying what crime, however, the evidence is connected with, but the scene along double "T" sure had people driving by, curious.
It began with a tip, it led investigators to the Chippewa River... but they're purposely leaving out the details.

"A crime occured in chippewa county some time ago... We recently aquired the information, we're acting on it today," Captain Eugene Gutsch with the chippewa county sheriff's department said. A dozen deputies scoured the riverbanks while divers searched the water for a specific piece of evidence.

"We want to narrow down the area of search, if we have any chance at all of finding this evidence, we're gonna try and do it in a one shot deal and hope we're successful," Gutsch said.

The success hinged on more than the divers... It hinged on the elements, too... The fire departments had to worry about thin ice and a moving river.

Gutsch says, "it's very dangerous operation, we're not taking it lightly."

He added Xcel energy slowed the flow of the Chippewa until peak power time. Hoping to give the search time an edge on the evidence, technology, was also part of it.
Gutsch says "underwater camera we believe we may locate the evidence we could send divers under to retrieve that or further search."
As you saw in our video, the divers did go under the ice and into the river. However, to protect the investigation, deputies told us they would not release any more information tonight about the search or the case it's connected to.