Gold N' Plump Expands

Gold N' Plump Expands
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A project to create more jobs in the area may mean more production for farmers as well.
Gold N' Plump announced today that it plans to expand and update their complex in Arcadia.
Arcadia might look like a small and quiet town, being it only has 2,405 people living there but don't let that deceive you. Mayor Gary Bautch says the city of Arcadia actually employs about 4,000 and Gold N' Plump is going to add to that number with a $38 million dollar project.
The chicken production company based out of St. Cloud announced today that it will update and expand the Arcadia complex that already employs over 500 people.
The expansion is expected to add at least 50 new jobs meaning more production for the state.
Tom Markwart, a Gold N? Plump Manager, says the company contributes quite a bit to the Wisconsin?s economy.
?The economic impact that golden plump has on the state of Wisconsin is about $52 million dollars currently and with this expansion the economic impact will increase by about 11 million.?
The Mayor says people in Arcadia are excited and that he knew the expansion was coming from an earlier request from the company.
?They had come and asked the utility commission if they would move that road for them,? says Bautch, ?and the city council put up $100,000 for the road expansion.?
Mike Helgeson, Gold N? Plump CEO, says it?s more than jobs though.
?We?ll be constructing 36 chicken barns which will benefit the family farm growers.?
There's more.
Markwart says, ?Currently we are using about 3 1/2 million bushels of corn that's grown locally from the farms in the area. With the expansion that's going to grow to about 4 1/2 million.?
The project is planned to begin this spring and completed by 2008.
Expansion of the processing plant and feed mill is also planned for the project.
Governor Jim Doyle has also allotted $1 million dollars in loans and grants as part of his ?Grow Wisconsin? campaign.