Dealing with Viruses

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People are calling in sick and heading to the doctor all over Western Wisconsin because they've fallen victim to cold and flu germs. Doctors say they're seeing people with the seasonal viruses and strep throat. So what can you do to deal with, or prevent it?
Doctor Steve Cook with Sacred Heart Hospital says age old advice works. He says hand washing is the best way to stop sickness, also getting lots of rest and drinking your fluids tends to help people deal with the virus. He says when you start feeling bad, find something that works for you. While there isn't firm evidence that things like garlic, zinc and vitamins actually do anything, Cook says if you feel better, use anything over the counter to treat it, but when it's a cold or flu, antibiotics won't cut it. Cook says, "these are not bacterial, and our anti-viral medications are not very good, so you're really obligated to run the course of this disease."
If you want to avoid the doctor's office, cook recommends eating right, exercising, getting some fresh air to clear your lungs. He says immune systems work better when you're not stressed out.