Gilmanton School Threat Update

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Students at Gilmanton school will be celebrating their homecoming festivities tonight but with extra security.
School was canceled Monday because of an internet message threatening to kill a senior and other students.
Gilmanton school officials are not taking this lightly.
Gilmanton school district asked for a restraining order against the student who made the threat; however, it was not granted by a Buffalo county judge.
Principal and Superintendent Bill Perry says the student is currently suspended from school and also adds that the school district has hired a private security company from Eau Claire to watch over the students.
?It's confusing. I don't know what kind of danger or threat we need to have before it would be enough to get a restraining order.?
Despite the court's decision, students will be celebrating homecoming tonight, but it doesn't mean students aren't worried.
?I can tell you there are many students that are uncomfortable,? says Perry.
The school has already hired per mar security to keep students and staff safe.
Marty Hallock, School Board President, says it's costing $700 each day.
The security officers have been there since Tuesday.
Perry says they're expected to be there next week.
Extra security officers will be at tonight's activities as well.
?The board and myself are going to do all we can to make sure we're safe,? says Perry, ?and the question will be when we're not going to worry so much and at this time I don't know. ?
Hallock says security officers will be on duty until the situation is determined matter what the cost.