Iron Chef Chippewa Valley

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The heat is on.
"It's our house, if they don't choose our dish, maybe we'll just show them to the door," said Tami Schraufnagel, hostess of the competition.
Bob and Tami Schraufnagel are hosting their first ever Iron Chef cooking challenge and their passion for cooking has given them a head start on the competition.
"When we go to the supermarket, we try to pick up one new item every time we go shopping and experiment with it."
Earlier in the day, the chefs gathered at Acoustic Cafe to discuss the rules and to unveil the famed secret ingredient; crawfish.
Cooks had from 12:30 pm until 6:30 pm to buy any needed ingredients, research recipes, and dish up the final product. And it's the sweet taste of victory the Schraufnagel's are after.
"It's more or less just the glory of winning," said Bob Schraufnagel.
Bob Schraufnagel spiced things up this year for members of a community service organization and cooking enthusiasts across the Chippewa Valley.
"Well, every year about this time, the Jaycees do some type of theme dinner party at someone's house just as a fun event for our members. This year I thought it would be fun to do Iron Chef because it's sort of the hip thing to do now-a-days."
After all is said and done, someone's cuisine will reign supreme.