Ski Helmets Becoming More Common on the Slopes

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When it comes to safety, coach Paul Loomis of the flying eagles junior ski team is on top of it.
"We want the kids to just get in the habit of always thinking safety. Safety is the mot important aspect of this sport," said Paul Loomis.
Loomis buys ski helmets for the team, because it's required for competition. But from what he's seen in his years skiing, helmets are valuable.
"I've witnessed some pretty bad falls and spills in all kinds of sports, including ski jumping and skiing and I've seen them make a difference and even save lives."
When buying a ski helmet, you should make sure it fits properly. When you put it on, it should fit tightly so when you take a tumble, it doesn?t fall off.
"There can be this primary impact that can result in brain swelling, decreased level of consciousness, seizures, seizures that may persist throughout one's life," said Dr. Thapar, Nero-surgeon at Marshfield Clinic.
These primary impact injuries that Dr. Thapar is speaking of can be prevented if everyone wore a helmet while skiing and snowboarding. It's estimated that close to eight thousand head injuries a year could be prevented. But make sure the helmet worn is for the right sport, they're not interchangeable.
"If you buy a ski helmet, it's specifically designed for skiing and you shouldn't wear it snowmobiling., it's not just safe," said Pam Ebel of Safe Kids Chippewa Valley.
Helmets have come a long way in the last few years, they're lightweight, comfortable, warm, and most importantly of all, they're your best form of insurance just in case you take a spill.