Warmer Weather Means less Winter Activities

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When temperatures are in the 30's outside and there's barely any snow, getting into some of the popular winter activities like skiing, snowmobiling or ice fishing is getting tougher.
That can leave people searching for that outdoors outlet and retailers with an excess of winter gear on the shelves.
Which is exactly what's happening with the above normal temperatures hitting the Chippewa Valley the past couple weeks.
The reason for why temperatures are where they're at, only a meteorologist can explain.
It takes away from many outdoor activities people enjoy and that has them spending money on different, non-seasonal activities.
Recent above normal temperatures are keeping many ice anglers off the lakes....and out of the stores.
"Overall we've been soft on our winter items. We had a spike around christmas for presents, but we've had a soft year," Fleet and Farm Assistant Manager Josh Zwiefelhofer says.
The almost springlike weather is leading people to consider items that normally move in the Spring.
"We've actually sold a lot of our spring items like bikes and definitely exercise equipment," Zwiefelhofer says.
Not just the sporting goods industry is having more trouble selling winter items. The weather is leading the Chippewa Valley Convention and Visitors Bureau to promote different activities.
"People can see the weather isn't going to allow them to do somethings so they call and say what can we do," Chippewa Valley Convention and Visitors Bureau's Linda Adler says.
Western Wisconsin's weather has resembled what you might normally find in Omaha or Des Moines this time of year, but the bureau began promoting activities the past couple of years that don't rely on snow or the cold.
"We've been steering people more towards other activities that are non-seasonal," Adler adds.
Activities Adler suggests include many indoor or cultural events like shopping, museums or the theatre.
"People still have this pent up demand to go out and do something," Adler says.
As far as the weather goes, don't expect it to get too cold anytime soon. Our meteorologist John Jedda says he expects it to be a couple of weeks before our temperatures start getting around what we're used to for the middle of January.