Winter Biking Trendy in the Midwest

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Jerry Poling isn't really prepared for life in "Bedrock."

While his co-workers would have probably slid down the tail of a brontosaurus right into their cars, he'd have to make a much more precise landing than "Fred Flintstone" ever did.

"I think it's the fourth year where I've been biking every day to work."

His five-minute rides would have been plenty to keep both "Pebbles" and "Bam Bam" happy though.

"My kids got old enough to use the second car and I didn't wanna buy a third car."

The cost of gassing up cars that "Double-F" would never have even dreamed of are driving others to do the same.

Eric Johnson of Anybody's Bikeshop says companies are responding with bikes that shift and pedal easier.

"It's making it easier for a lot of people to make the transition," he said.

Johnson rides all year long and he says snow and ice that might be on the ground isn't a concern-what is are drivers that aren't paying attenting while he's riding. He says he won't even ride on the southeast side of town anymore...It's just not biker-friendly.

Jerry's certainly not dealing with stone wheels and bare feet, but he's not a "modern stone-age" commuter either.

"When I grew up, I never saw anyone biking in the winter and now I see people all the time."

And as long as "Mister Slate" is still just minutes away, Jerry says every trip to and from "Wilma and the kids" will be made on two wheels instead of four.