Postal Pains

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There are some growing pains with this week's postage rate hike. While the Eau Claire Post Office has plenty of two cent stamps, the contract stations at local grocery stores are all out.
Festival Foods says it sold 10,000 two-cent stamps in three days, and ordered another 10,000 set to arrive Monday. Mega Pick and Save stores are also out of one, two and three cent stamps, so customers are being directed downtown. Festival managers say they didn't anticipate such high demand, but they're on their own, because the post office can't supply outside outlets.
Postmaster Larry Bock says, "our supplies are sold in our outlet, their supplies are only sold in their store, it's an accounting procedure with the postal service."
While most the contract stations are out of small stamps, they do have 39 cent stamps available. Copps Foodcenter, however, tells us it does have two cent stamps in a vending machine.