UWEC Dance Team going to Nationals

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The UW Eau Claire dance team is going to Disney World.
But it's not just a leisure trip, they'll be competing against 30 other schools at the national dance team competition.
Most clubs just require you sign up, but not the UW Eau Claire dance team, where full tryouts determine the makeup of the team.
"We have tryouts in the fall. We have 40 or 50 girls show up, and we have 13 girls on the team," Co-captain Aimee Reller said.
That's because the whole year is preparation for the naional competition.
"It's we worked all year for. It's our big year ending thing," Co-captain Lexi Zimmermann said.
Even the routine starts early.
"We had a choreographer come in October to put our routine together," said Co-captain Beth Hoaglund.
And practicing for the nationals takes a little more time.
"Normally we practice 3 days a week, but we came back early and practice 6 hours everyday," Zimmermann said.
Getting to Orlando takes money and the club account only pays for registration...So other means are required.
"We fund raise a lot. We do car washes and held an instructional camp and pay for some out of our own pocket," Reller added.
The team leaves for Florida on Friday and will be competing at the Wide World of Sports Complex at Disney World.
Last year the team finished sixth in the nation, but the girls are confident they'll do even better this year.