Building Bridges 4 Children

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Eau Claire's 4 year old school program has been running for a little over five months. It started in August of last year and Eau Claire's neighbor to the north, Chippewa Falls is hoping to follow a similar path.
A public hearing is held at Chippewa Falls Middle School to get public input to this particular program.
The Chippewa Falls School Board will vote Monday on the proposal.
Marlene Mrdutt, owner and director of Sleepers to Sneakers and Early Learning Center says she can see the benefit of such a program.
"After being in the program for 4 months, I've seen children develop just to a great degree and having a DPI licensed teacher also in the center. It's a very exciting thing."
Her child care center in Eau Claire already has a 4 year old program and she hopes the one in Chippewa Falls can soon do the same.
All that, will be determined by Monday's vote for a similar program called Building Bridges 4 Children or BB4C.
In an effort to create the program, three years ago a community committee was put together—The Chippewa Early Educare Partners.
Claudia Dempsey, Director of Pupil Services for the school district, says the program will help in the long run.
"We have explored different ways of improving quality education and care and this was one of the areas we felt we could expand upon.”
If the school board passes the proposal for the 4 year old program, it will be held at child care centers and not in public school settings.
All child care centers would not charge for the service.
Riversource Center will also play a large part by having the new hire for this program work out of its office.
“We will also serve as a site for anyone who doesn't want their child to participate in BB4C at a particular site,” says Tammy Tillotson of the Riversource Center.
“We will have the curriculum and those education materials here for parents.”
If the program goes through, parents would be able to register their children through Riversource or the child care center.