Bulking Up Your Wallet Along With Your Muscles

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Making a resolution involving losing weight or exercising more frequently can be hard to keep, but if you join a fitness center as part of that promise, the legislature is considering a way to paying you back.

A bi-partisan bill is seeking to allow people to deduct their dues to a gym from their income taxes on the premise that if you work out regularily, you improve your long term overall health.

"The more we can encourage people at all ages to get involved in an exercise program, oh, by the way, the cost of it, we're going to help defray it," says Rep. Rob Kreibich. "I think would save the state of Wisconsin and the country millions if not billions of dollars long term in reduced healthcare costs."

Kreibich says 10 percent of the population is incurring up to 66 percent of healthcare dollars, and prevention is one way of improving higher healthcare costs.