Fans React to McCarthy Hiring

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When Mike McCarthy walked to the podium Thursday as the Packers new head coach, many packer fans collectively asked....Who is this guy?
"Never heard of him," said Packer fan Duane Jorgenson
"All I knew was he was Favre's quarterback coach, but so was Mariucci and a bunch of other guys," Packer fan Randy Sluga said.
McCarthy has been in the NFL since 1993, holding many assistant jobs most recent being offensive coordinator of the 3 and 13 San Francisco 49ers. Making it hard for some to be optimistic.
"San Francisco wasn't good so I am a little suspect," Jorgenson added.
"His track record doesn't look good the Saints and 49ers weren't very good over the time he was there," Sluga said.
But is he a step up over Mike Sherman?
"I thought he deserved another year," Packer Fan Russell Welsh said.
A fan of the division rival Bears liked the move.
"I'm glad they didn't go after Rivera. The Packers have had the edge for a while, no need to give them anymore," Bears fan Mike Donaldson said.
McCarthy does have a couple things in common with a former Packers coach who won a Super Bowl, including the job he held before coming to Green Bay.
"Hopefully he'll be good, another Mike," Packer fan Dan Riley said.
That won't be enough to get the Packers back to the land of Lombardi's trophy, but Packer fans are curious to see how he does. It's not like they have a choice.
"He deserves a chance. Hopefully he'll turn it around," Packer fan Jim Filla said.
"It's who we got. Let's hope he does well," Sluga added.
McCarthy has lot of work to do before the start of next season, with cheeseheads watching his every move.
But there is one easy way to make fans into believers.
That's win.