Superior Bishop Meets with Parishioners in Hudson

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A Roman Catholic bishop is apologizing for the way the church handled the late father Ryan Erickson.
He also promises better evaluation of priests and more communication with parishes to resolve future complaints.
Superior Bishop Raphael Fliss met with hundreds of people at St. Patrick's Catholic Church in Hudson yesterday.
It's the first time the bishop discussed the situation involving Erickson with the parishioners.
A judge ruled that Erickson probably killed two funeral home workers about four years ago before killing himself.
Fliss said there were “failures” in his handling of the Erickson situation. He said things were omitted that he did in his own mind and heart, but didn't actually make happen.
Erickson was a priest at St. Patrick's when James Ellison and Daniel O’Connell were shot to death in 2002.
Daniel O’Connell was a member of the church, and prosecutors say evidence suggests he found out the priest was sexually abusing someone, giving alcohol to kids, or both.
O’Connell’s mother Janet says “all we're trying to do is help revise the church charter and what is written. And to abide by it which they're not doing."