Governor Holds Town Hall Meeting

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Governor Jim Doyle will deliver his State of the
State address Tuesday night, but Monday he was in Eau Claire to listen to what people here care about. It's the fourth in a series of town hall meetings. Doyle touched on issues he feels are critical to Wisconsin right now. He said heating costs, education and health care continue to be high priorities, and education is what he believes will be key to the future of the state.
Doyle says, "keep our state focused on economy growing and kind of jobs we need, nanotechnology is good... To look down the road, the state gave half a million dollars, glad we could be part of that regional effort and create those kinds of jobs."
Doyle says during his term, 140,000 new jobs have been created and when asked how to keep young people in Wisconsin, he said we have to create meaningful careers for them, here and help middle class parents pay for college. A Menomonie school board member wanted to know if the state could keep up the funding for K-12 schools, Doyle answered yes... He also made a point to say he wants a high school diploma to mean something, and wants more math and science built into the curriculum. He also wants to see more ethanol built into our fuel.
"This is a huge opportunity for us. Just think, we grow the corn, then ship it off to Iowa or Minnesota to be processed then ship it back here to the southeast part of the state, which is nonsense, we should make sure the loop is closed," Doyle claimed. The governor said since he's been in office Wisconsin added 5 ethanol operations and two more are on the way. He also addressed an ongoing issue about guns. A student asked Governor Doyle if he'd veto the conceal carry bill if it made it to his desk and he quickly answered, yes.