Finding Child Care After Katrina

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While still half in a haze from their mid day nap the kids at Children's Secret Garden Child Care Center get up and immediately begin reaching for their favorite toy.

The center, like any place catering to the those who toddle, is filled with all sorts of toys, blocks and puzzles. The simple things kids here and most places take for granted but ones kids in centers across New Orleans are simply without.

"They have tables and chairs. They're missing all their manipulatives and puzzles and all of the equipment that goes into making a child care center fun for children," says Sheila Chamberlain, owner of Children's Secret Garden Child Care Centers.

Hoping to change that Chamberlain is collecting anything she can to give to child care centers struggling after Katrina.

"Please understand that these are the children, the innocent, that are affected by this and I really want to take these things down there," says Chamberlain, "Katrina's not over just because it happened several months ago and that it's still a healing process and this is a circle where these parents can't get back to work and they can't get back to their lives without childcare."

Chamberlain will be collecting items through the end of February and hopes to see smiles on the faces of kids in New Orleans by early March.

Anyone wishing to donate can do so at Strandvision at 1529 Continental Drive in Eau Claire between 8-6 Monday through Friday or by calling 832-7962.