Barstool Races

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From a cow to a hula girl, there was no shortage of creative flare out on the snowy hill at Kyote's Den in Menomonie.
Barstools attached to skis may be a bit unusual, but when you add a costumed racer into the mix, it's all downhill from here, to win the race.
"We lost the first one just by a little bit but keep us here and we'll come back. We'll be back," said David Waller, a barstool racer.
This is the bar's second annual barstool race, with proceeds going to the Menomonie Snowblazers Snowmobile Club.
The club will donate the money to a non-profit organization.
The races run in heats with a double elimination format, but speed doesn't always determine the winner.
"If you do cross the line you are disqualified. So the other person will win. So, it doesn't matter if you're fast. You could be slow and cross the line before the other one because he may have crossed," said Mary Kay Morka, owner of Kyote's Den.
Inspiration for some of the racers comes from their daily lives.
"I'm a rancher here in Menomonie and real good friend of mine had a used saddle so we decided to build a barstool with a saddle," said Larry Paul, a barstool racer.
And for others, it was simply to rile up the fans.
"It's something different. We want toget the crowd into it, get a laugh or two," said Waller.
The enthusiasm expressed among the racers probably will probably pay off as the club hopes to double what they raised last year.