Cameron Homecoming Accident

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The teen who was driving the truck when two girls fell out of the back, killing one of them during cameron's homecoming celebration made his initial appearance in Barron County Court Wednesday.

17-year-old Matthew Stoyke is charged with two counts of negligent operation of a motor vehicle.

According to the criminal complaint Stoyke was driving his pick-up truck back to Cameron High School following the homecoming parade.

When he turned into the school's parking lot, two girls, 17-year-old Bailey Zimmerman and Jasmyn Becker were thrown from the back of the truck.

Zimmerman was killed as a result and Becker suffered serious injuries.

Stoyke admitted to "gunning it" when turning into the high school parking lot, and then left the scene of the accident.

The District attorney says these two factors are why she filed criminal charges.