Drive By Shootings in Chippewa County

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Chippewa County Sheriff's authorities are still investigating a series of drive by shootings that took place early yesterday morning.
Officials say multiple businesses were shot at though no one was hurt.
Sheriff's officials have only a business surveillance video to preen information from.
Xtreme Motorsports owner Pete Lowater arrived at his shop early Tuesday morning to find County Sheriff's Deputies there.
?We had thought someone had broken in and found out later on that there was actually someone that was having some target practice.
The damage resulted in the store's entire front door being blown out and three other windows each adorned with a bullet hole.
It wasn't cheap to get them fixed. Lowater says it cost just under 4,000 dollars to repair some of the damage.
Xtreme Motorsports is just one of the three businesses that officials say were shot at.
Joe Bowe Motors and another business along State Highway 124 were all shot at as well.
One home in Eagleton, just north of Chippewa Falls, was also targeted.
A bullet passed through the wall and was lodged in an inner wall just inches away from where a person was working on their computer.
Some of the buildings are right next to each other while others are over a five to six mile stretch.
Chippewa County Sheriff's officials say they've obtained a video they hope will provide clues to catch those responsible.
Captain Eguene Gutsch says the video is from one of the businesses.
He says, "...clearly indicates the vehicle that was involved to the detail of being able to see muzzle flashes coming from the vehicle as it shot at the businesses."
Right now, Captain Gutsch says the video is being enhanced to get more information about the make and model of the vehicle involved.
He also adds the drive by shootings were probably random acts of vandalism.