Search for Rudy's Remains Postponed

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Crews began searching for Christine in the Chippewa River a little more than two weeks ago, after investigators say a witness recognized the Cobbin Bridge as the place Shaun Rudy dumped Christine's body.

According to Chippewa County District Attorney, Jon Theisen, the witness told police Shaun put Christine's body in some sort of container, put it in a van, propped it upright with hay and then drove to the bridge and dumped it.

Theisen says police later found, what he calls an "inordinate" and "unseasonable", amount of hay along the bridge.

Even with this evidence, warm weather and thin ice may complicate efforts to find Christine, forcing crews to wait as long as spring to restart their search.

"It's a river so there's the possibility of movement. It could move further and further from the ground zero point where we think her body was disposed of, " says Theisen, "That said, there is the container, perhaps articles of clothing or maybe other remnants may be dispersed or found and located."

With the underwater search postponed indefinitely Theisen says he's not ruling out further efforts including a possible ground search along the river banks.

"There's a lot of open water on the Chippewa River and something could float up and if people spotted something I'd want to know about it," says Theisen.

If Christine's body is found in the Chippewa River, Shaun Rudy could face felony charges of hiding a corpse. A charge with a maximum of 10 years in prison.