U.S Supreme Court Backs Assisted Suicide

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The U.S. Supreme Court this week upheld Oregon's assisted suicide law. A state assemblyman hopes the decision will provide support for similar legislation in Wisconsin.

Democrat Frank Boyle of Superior says co-sponsors of a "death with dignity" bill have been introducing the legislation for the past six terms without success.

The bill would require two verbal requests, along with a written request for a lethal prescription with witnesses, and two physicians giving the person a terminal diagnosis.

"Like the living will or do not necessitate orders that are now legal in just about every state, the dying individual has some choice in the death process," says Rep. Boyle. " We simply allow a doctor to prescribe a lethal overdose to be taken by the dying person at the time of their choosing."

Wisconsin Right to Life is joining the Bush administration in speaking out against the ruling, saying "the nation's physicians should use drugs to heal and alleviate pain for patients, not to bring about their death."