Bankruptcy Surge

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With the recent bankruptcy law that went in affect last October, the number of bankruptcy filings has gone up.
Wisconsin is among several Midwestern states hardest hit by a record number of personal bankruptcy filings across the country.
Records from the state's western and eastern federal court districts shows bankruptcy filings were up 42 percent in Wisconsin last year.
Many filings came in the three months preceding mid-October when a change in the federal bankruptcy law made it more difficult to write off all debts.
Mart Swenson, a 30 year bankruptcy lawyer in Eau Claire, says people probably didn't know what to expect.
"I think they just wanted to beat that new law that was coming into effect and if they were on the edge whether to file or not they just made their mind to file.?
The law doesn't mean you can no longer file people may just go through more paper work and hand over more money.