Eau Claire County Sheriff's Department Gets an H3

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Imagine getting a free one year lease to drive a Hummer H3.
That's exactly what the Eau Claire County Sheriff's Department got today.
Bergstrom Hummer of Eau Claire donated a 2006 Hummer H3 to the department to help with budgetary problems.
Eau Claire Hummer's general manager says the vehicle costs about $37,000.
Sheriff Ron Cramer says the bright red hummer with sheriff written all over it will be used for multiple activities around the community.
“It's a tool for us really to start talking with kids and adults.”
With that said, Sheriff Cramer says he's sure the hummer won't just be parked to collect dust.
The vehicle will be used for programs like DARE.
The free one year lease allows the department to use up to 20-thousand miles.