Taxpayer's Protection Act

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In an effort to stop rising taxes and to move Wisconsin off the list of most heavily taxed states...a proposal to limit local control has been proposed in recent years. Many know it as TABOR.
Though the bill has been dropped in previous years, it might be back?now with a new name--the Taxpayer's Protection Act.
Even though nothing is yet proposed, it remains an important political issue around the state and in the Chippewa Valley.
A forum will be held tonight at the Chippewa Valley Technical College in Eau Claire. It starts at 6:30 and several members of the community will be there to discuss the Taxpayer's Protection Act.
Judi Moseley of the Bolton Refuge House says people shouldn't be fooled by the new name since it still has the same agenda.
Moseley says, right now, securing funding for social services like the Bolton refuge house is difficult enough.
With a Taxpayer's Protection Act, she insists that task will be made all the more difficult.
?We're kind of afraid that if the state takes control of that over, our county is going to be no longer able to make that decision.?
The proposal would mean limiting state, county and municipal spending.
Right now, Representative Rob Kriebich says there is not yet a proposal for the Taxpayer's Protection Act.
He says, ?It?s the most talked about concept that's never materialized into an actual bill or constitutional amendment.?
Though nothing is yet proposed, according to Kriebich, Moseley says it's still important because this would mean no more local government. Something she says will impact everyone.
?Somebody in Madison doesn't necessarily know what's best for Eau Claire residents.?
Yet this is a looming crisis on the horizon for those following it. Kreibich says even if the tax payer's protection act is proposed, there wouldn't be enough time for such an important bill to be passed before the current session ends.