Third Annual Martin Mogensen Education Lecture

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It's been nine years since this school shooting in Paducah, Kentucky. Three students were killed and five others injured at Heath High School.
"When I was principal at the school, one of my students brought five guns and 1060 rounds of ammunition to school and started shooting kids randomly," said Bill Bond of the National Association of Secondary School Principals.
School violence has been going on for years, but Bill Bond thinks it's making headlines too often and that's why he travels the country to share his experiences and insight.
"School shootings are caused by students feeling like there's no hope, there's no future." Bond was this year's key speaker for the Martin Mogenson education lecture, a fund set up by his daughters to bring issues relating to education to the forefront.
"We wanted to do something that really would honor really the hope and faith he had in young people and in education. So we established the lecture fund three years ago," said Marti Mogensen.
Bond also counsels administrators and students who have endured school shootings. He's been to eight schools so far, most recently, Red Lake.
There is at least one thing Bond wants people to get from his presentations.
"It takes courage by everyone involved to stop this problem," said Bond.
School by school , Bond will continue to spread the word of anti-bullying and an end to violence.