UW Student Proposal

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Should Wisconsin high school students be guaranteed a spot in one of the universities in the UW system? Representative Rob Kreibich is working on a bill that would get natives in the door if they work hard enough.
Kreibich says, "we've seen more and more Wisconsin kids displaced by out of state students who bring in revenue, but the biggest complaint I hear from parents is my child has done well but they can't get into the uw campus of their choice."
Kreibich is drafting the bill would require Wisconsin students to take three years of math and science and get a 25 on their ACT. That would equal admission to any of the UW campuses. He says it's designed to keep young talent in the Badger Sstate. The bill would reform the way state universities get money. He says UW-Madison has only 20% of the students but gets 40% of the money. The proposal, expected out next week, would also require state-run universities to make the entire bill for a student's education public, or as Kreibich called it, a lump "sticker price." Right now, he says, some fees can pop up and surprise students.