Wisconsin Coverage For Drugs For Seniors, Disabled Extended

Governor Doyle says he's extending his policy to provide Wisconsin senior citizens and disabled with the life-saving drugs they need through March 15th.

He says he's acting because the federal government's implementation of Medicare Part D program continues to be plagued with problems.

The governor announced January 13th that the state would cover the cost of prescriptions for seniors and people with disabilities who otherwise would have been turned away because of problems with the Part D program.

The federal government agreed January 24th to reimburse the state for money spent to provide prescription drug through February 15th.

Doyle says he'll work with the federal government in an effort to ensure it'll continue to pay for prescription drugs beyond February 15th.

In the meantime, he says pharmacies that fill a prescription before March 15th and have tried to obtain payment under Medicare Part D can submit the claim to Wisconsin's Medicaid program for payment.