District Eligibility Issues

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Just in a week and a half, Memorial and North High Schools have faced problems with student athlete residency.
The hockey teams of both schools had to forfeit games because of the issue.
Now, other districts are taking cautions to prevent something similar to happen.
High school hockey has slipped into the "news section" after North player Ryan Goodmanson was ruled ineligible after his primary residence was declared to be Clear Lake.
At Memorial, school officials rule that the business of Shawn Mahder's mother was listed as his residence, even though Mahder lives in the Chippewa Falls district
Mahder's mother says Memorial knew all along.
As forfeits and frustration take hold, school administrators in Eau Claire tell us they are not changing their review process.
District Administrator Bill Klaus says, ?..We do everything we can short of driving to the residence and making sure someone's living there and that's just not realistic.
He says the school can only hope to rely on the truthfulness of people.
Altoona School Administrator Greg Farhman agrees saying he would have handled the situation similarly.
?We have to rely on that honesty and you can't legislate honesty.?
Keep in mind that Altoona is a much smaller school district, with only 1400 students overall and about 460 in the high school. Memorial, on the other hand, has four times the students in the high school itself.
Farhman has a map of his entire school district so he could check the address of any of his students if needed.
In the response to the situations, North's Goodmanson was able to pay to play. School Administrators say Mahder, on the other hand, cannot play even if he pays.
Mahder's mother tells us she believes the situation was handled badly saying she was not notified of anything besides that the school district had a problem with her listed address.