Teen Girls Using More Drugs

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With the stresses of adolescence, many teenagers have a hard time dealing with their problems. A new report shows that teen girls are turning to substance abuse to cope.
A survey done by the Eau Claire school district shows just that, with alcohol being the highest used drug.
"One of the things we've been able to see from our data that we've collected over the last decade is that there are more girls using liquor that there has been in the past," said jean Christenson of the Eau Claire area school district.
Nationally in 2004,18 percent reported drinking alcohol in the past month and more than half a million started smoking marijuana.
Research also shows that girls use drugs and alcohol for different reasons than boys, mainly to deal with self esteem and self confidence.
This is why Christenson thinks it takes the whole community to help put an end to this.
"By working with the health department, and the police department, and the school district, and the hospitals, we're able to come together and work collaboratively a little more and address environmental change."
North High School is also looking to curb substance abuse by hosting an all school assembly.
"We're hoping that they can begin to take a look at some of the things they come into contact with and how to develop resiliency," said Diane Ryberg, an instructor at North High School.
Even with these extra efforts, research shows that parents play a vital role in keeping their teens on the right path.