3M's Eau Claire Plant Honored By OSHA, EPA

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When 3M bought the facility once owned by WL Gore in 2000, Cindy Pilgrim noticed the difference.

"More emphasis was put on safety and more awareness to the employees."

Cindy and her co-workers are the last line of defense, inspecting circuits for defects before they get shipped, while holding on to the peice of mind that comes with working at a V.P.P. Star Site.

"Everybody is involved in the safety and health program-ultimately the company sees it in their bottom line," Eau Claire Area OSHA Director Mark Hysell said.

"It's not easy to achieve, it's a very high expectation," said Plant Manager Ray Lorenz

Especially with all the inherent danger in their jobs.

"There's equipment and machinery and chemicals," Cindy said, "So there's always that potential."

During her eight years at the facility, Cindy says she's yet to witness a single injury on the job, and OSHA officials say the work that went into that streak will result in better productivity for everyone at the plant.

"The hard work has paid off."