From the Sled: Teacher to Host Global Classroom

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After passing a nationwide selection process, a physical education teacher at North High School in Eau Claire will soon be the "Teacher on the Trail" for the Iditarod.

Terrie Hanke has three decades of teaching under her belt, but is looking forward to turning the upcoming month in Alaska and her firsthand experience into a global learning session over the Internet.

"I’m the one who is going to be on the trail and seeing the mushers and meeting the people who live in those villages. It's culturally just huge and instructionally, thematic instructionally, it's just huge so I’m really awed," says Hanke. "I have a big job to do in these next couple weeks here."

At each stop along the thousand mile trek, Hanke will post journal entries and activities for the classroom for subjects ranging from science and math, to language arts and health.
For information on the Iditarod, check out their Web site.