Zimmerman Sues Eau Claire

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A former police officer convicted of murder, then later cleared of the crime is now suing the city of Eau Claire.
Evan Zimmerman, who spent several years in prison, filed a civil lawsuit against the city. His attorneys say he was wrongly convicted of the murder of Kathleen Thompson. Her body was found on an Eau Claire street back in 2000.
Zimmerman was convicted of the murder, but his case was overturned in 2003, when some University of Wisconsin Law School students got involved. The city, and three police officers are named in the lawsuit. The complaint says other unknown officers may also be added.
There are ten counts listed in the court documents, including officer misconduct. Zimmerman's attorneys say the investigators on the murder created false police reports, and unlawfully supressed information that would have pointed to other suspects. Zimmerman is demanding a jury trial, and is seeking unspecified damages.