Overseas Valentine

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It's been 10 months since Lt. Colonel Allen Gifford left his home and his wife Elizabeth in Osseo and headed to Baghdad with the Army Reserves.

At the time the two had only been married 18 months and while thousands of miles may separate them physically their emotional closeness remains and was apparent when the two got to "see" each other this afternoon.

Lt. Colonel Gifford surprised his wife by setting up a live reunion for the two today on our noon show and in return his wife surprised him with a poem she wrote just for the occasion.

"It's knowing you support me without a question if I'm right. Its dancing in the kitchen it's cuddling up at night. What I miss most this valentine's is our daily memories and I count the days and time until we can make more of these. Come home to me safely sweet love of mine and may we be together please next valentine's.

Lt. Colonel Gifford was visibly emotional from the exchange and later Elizabeth said while neither one of them could recall what they did last Valentine's Day, this Valentine's will be one to remember.

"That's the one thing you miss with the long distance communication is not being able to they're reaction so I could see that he was proud and that he had the tears in his eyes that I will remember always," said Gifford.

In addition to today's TV surprise, Elizabeth also got flowers delivered to her work in her favorite color, purple.

Lt. Colonel Allen Gifford is scheduled to come home sometime this spring.