Alternative Schools

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With Wisconsin's open enrollment beginning February 6 and ending the 24th, this allows students and their parents to apply to schools they want to attend whether they live in that district or not.
It's not just the traditional public classroom that students can now apply and attend, but using the internet for education is also growing.
Besides going to the traditional public school classroom, now students have other choices.
For those wanting more flexibility there's the virtual classroom.
With the recent turn to a hi-tech world like hybrid cars, cell phones, and high definition kids can get even get their high school diploma through virtual schools.
Heidi Laabs, Assistant Superintendent of Waukesha, says, students still get all the education they need to be successful.
“The courses that they take are offered via a laptop computer...they receive the support of fully certified Wisconsin teachers. “
Enrolling in IQ Academies now means it's free plus students get a free laptop, printer, and a $15 stipend for internet service. Any high school student in the US can apply. After the 24th the tuition is just over five thousand dollars.
It's a growing trend. Last year there were 108 students enrolled and now there are 550. The new school year expects a thousand.
The virtual school can help students who've had problems with the social world of the traditional classroom, yet prepare them well for the real world.
“It offers flexibility, it offers few social distractions,” says Laabs, “but it still offers the same curriculum kids access in public schools.”
For those wanting a faith based classroom offering practiced Christian family values and beliefs , people can choose parochial schools like Eau Claire Lutheran.
Principal Jane Jaenke says the religion based curriculum is what makes the difference.
“At our schools we don't just teach our students religion for a small portion of our day. We teach it all day, how we handle the children, how we talk to the children, how we handle any discipline situation.”
The school is much smaller having only 90 students between Kindergarten through 8th grade but it still maintains academic excellence.
If none of those fits you, there are local charter schools like Beaver Creek and of course, your public school classroom.