Eau Claire Preparing for Winter Storm

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With snow on the way, road crews are planning their attack, and looking to the sky for the first hints of a winter storm.
Mike Barnhardt is in charge of keeping the streets clear. He says his biggest concern is making sure all those pieces of equipment are ready to go, and making sure the people manning the trucks are rested up.
The city of Eau Claire has plenty of salt and sand ready to go when the snow starts flying.
On Wednesday afternoon, Barnhardt was busy checking the latest radar picture, and trying to get a handle on how big the storm might be.
He says forty plows wil be ready to hit the main streets in the city, but he admits, it could take a little longer to get to your road.
Barnhardt says the biggest thing to remember tomorrow, is patience.
"If we get, you know, four, five six inches...We'll have it cleaned up with in eight hours after the storm. And even though the streets aren't bare, they'll get bare real quick", he said.
And don't forget your sidewalks.
He says if you don't clean them off within 24-hours of a storm, you get a warning.
And after that you could get a ticket costing you 199-dollars, plus the cost of labor to clean the sidewalk off..making the grand total, anywhere from 225-dollars, to 250-bucks.