Chetek Citizens Tackle Meth

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People can sometimes turn a blind eye to a problem in the community if they don't think it affects them, but the Chetek Community Drug Awareness group is looking to open the eyes of those in their community to a growing meth problem.
"I noticed it in my line of work," said group member and local physician Dr. Peter Reisner.
This isn't some police task force hired to stop it.
This is a collection of everyday citizens who see the effects meth is having in their community.
"Meth is on the rise and we thought as a group we could do something," Dr. Reisner added.
These are parents and grandparents who want the younger kids to understand the power of drug addiction, but they admit drug usage is not age specific.
"I've seen it in every age," said group leader Dr. Jim Esswein.
Through private funding, the hope is to raise community awareness and educate those about the problems.
"Our first effort is a program at Chetek High School on March 27," Dr. Esswein added.
Other future efforts include a tip line, drug watch groups and other educational sessions.
So far, the community is backing the idea.
"Every organization we've talked to has sent a rep to our meetings," Dr. Esswein said.
But is a group of ordinary people the answer?
"It's got to start at the grassroots. Show people what's going on and then they can do something about it," group member Bob Unbehaun said.
With backing from the local police department, these people -- with such a strong interest in the future of Chetek -- will do their best to make sure people know.