La Crosse Man Who Kept Mother's Body In Freezer Faces Federal Charges

A La Crosse recluse who kept his mother's body in a basement freezer now faces federal charges for collecting her Social Security checks for five years after she died.

A federal grand jury also indicted Philip Schuth on charges of possessing a sawed-off shotgun and 19 homemade cluster bombs found in his home.

Schuth was arrested last April after an all-night stand-off with police outside his home on French Island. The stand-off began after he shot at a neighbor.

Schuth told police his mother died naturally in 2000, but he hid her body so he could get her Social Security because he needed it to live on.

He was sentenced to seven years in prison last November after pleading no contest to state charges in a plea deal.

The federal indictment accuses him of defrauding the federal government of 35-thousand dollars in Social Security benefits meant for his mother.