"The Great American Spit Out"

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Eau Claire County students aren't using as much smokeless tobacco as their classmates around the state. But the same survey from 2004 found an increased use among middle school students.

Thursday at Altoona Middle School, members of the "B-free from Tobacco" group spoke to their peers about the dangers of chewing tobacco.

"It would just be good to get the word out that it's not healthy for you and don't try it, don't even start it, says 8th grader Hillary Jenness. "It's just a bad habit to get into. So, they make good decisions in the future and not do it."

The pictures on the display showed the damage to users' mouths, including people who had to have their jaws removed due to oral cancer, caused by chewing.

There were also displays in Eau Claire's high schools as part of "the Great American Spit Out."