Eau Claire Woman says Dog Treat was to Blame for Death.

Thousands of people around Western Wisconsin own dogs and cats, and sometimes give them special treats.
But one Eau Claire woman says a company that made a treat she fed her dog, is responsible for its death.
And she's not the only one making those claims.
Karley was a 7-year old maltese.
And to Dawn Nowak she was like a member of the family.
"She was my little girl, I didn't consider her a dog. I always thought she was my little girl", Dawn said.
Nowak says for all those years karley was a healthy and happy little dog.
But when she fed Karley one of these...All that changed.
"I just can't believe how that little bone can destroy a life. I mean a 99-cent bone took her life, end result."
Dawn gave Karley a treat called a Greenie.
The company that makes it, says it's designed to reduce tartar on an animal's teeth, and freshen breath.
But in this case, Dawn says the treat got lodged in Karley's esophagas.
After two months of treatments and surgery, Karley had to be put to sleep.
Local veterinarians say these kinds of cases, are not uncommon.
Dr. Bob Bohacek says, "Be very cautious with them, and it would be a good idea to really, certainly observe your dog, and make sure he's not breaking off large pieces. And if so, feed it small pieces, break it up before it's given to the dog."
Dawn Nowak's experience isn't the first case of a dog having problems after eating a greenies treat.
In fact one family in New York has filed a lawsuit against the maker of greenies...S&M NuTec, based in North Kansas City, Missouri.
We contacted the company, and it's owner told us quote, "all of the allegations we've been hearing about are just that - allegations. There is no evidence to support them."
Despite those assertions, Dawn says people need to be aware that some treats may not be safe for their animals to eat.
That's hindsight.
Dawn says now she has to face a new reality.
A reality, without Karley.
"What are you going to do now? I don't know, i'll just um...I don't know. You know...I'm not ready to get another dog yet.