Amish Woodworking Business Declared a Total Loss After Fire

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Fire Chief Ken Zich declared an Amish woodworking business near Augusta a total loss today after a fire in the engine room engulfed the building last night.
Employees say when they left the Hershberger Woodworking business Tuesday evening everything was fine.
But about five minutes later, they saw smoke and flames leaping from the building.
Zich says it took firefighters about an hour to knock down the flames.
He says the business had oak tables, chairs and other furniture inside when the fire started. Some pieces were rescued from the flames, but the majority of the inventory went up in smoke.
Zich estimates the damages at $300,000. No one was hurt in the fire.
This is the second fire the Amish community in Augusta is dealing with in two weeks. Last Tuesday the Brookside Creamery was damaged by a fire.