Student Olympics

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Delong Middle School seventh grade students got their chance to participate in the Olympics today--that is, their own version of the Olympics.
About 300 students got to participate in activities such as speed skating, curling, and ice hockey but it's not what you would imagine perhaps.
Curling involved a balloon and a straw, while speed skating turned into walking backwards with your feet and arms.
Before they got to have fun, students prepared a report of the country they represented and after closing ceremonies, they learned more.
Delong seventh grade teacher Kathy Look was one of the coordinators of the event and she says the kids definitely had fun yet got their information.
?We have them talk about gross national product; we have them talk about infant mortality. It's a way of being able to tell if a country is doing well or not.?
This is the fifth year of the activity. Students get assigned to a country by the color of a jolly rancher.