Marshfield Chiropractor License Revoked For Alleged Sexual Misconduct

A state regulatory board revoked the license of a Marshfield chiropractor after investigating complaints of sexual misconduct from four female patients.

Officials say John Zastrow, who's been licensed as a chiropractor in Wisconsin since 1995, reached agreement with the state Department of Regulations and Licensing to resolve the matter without a formal administrative hearing.

The state Chiropractic Examining Board accepted the agreement at a meeting Thursday. As part of it, Zastrow admitted he violated state regulations forbidding chiropractors from having sexual contact or sexual behavior with two of the women. The 40-year-old Zastrow denied the allegations of the other two.

Under the agreement, Zastrow must reimburse the state $6,000 for the cost of the investigation. He can apply for reinstatement of the license at a future date.