Skating Hopefuls

Every four years the phone rings off the hook at a Milwaukee skating rink.
That's because people watch Olympians win medals and think, 'I can do that,' says Rob Multerer, a marketing director at the Pettit National Ice Center.
One reason the Pettit Center is so popular is, it's one of only two Olympic-sized indoor speedskating ovals in the country. The other is in Utah.
One former customer made the leap from the Pettit Center to the Olympics. Charles Ryan Leveille, an experienced inline skater, showed up eight months ago to try speedskating. Yesterday he placed 15th in the men's 10,000 meters event.
An office manager at the Pettit Center, Jan Lawson, says people should have realistic expectations. She says getting good at speedskating takes practice, and lots of it.