Retired Adults Look Towards Graduation and Law School

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College can be a nerve-racking time for any student.
But if you're much older than everyone in your class, it can seem even more uncomfortable.
Despite that, two students at U.W. Eau Claire have fought the typical stereotypes, and plan on graduating, and then heading to law school.
In a sea of students, they stand out.
Doug and LaNetta Black say a college diploma has always been a dream.
But their first day of college three years ago was tough.
"That was scary, we came into class and how are the students going to accept these old folks coming into class with them", Doug Black says.
"Were you scared? Petrified. Grey hair, nobody else had grey hair, they're kids. I'm Grandma.", LaNetta told us.
The Blacks have been married for 36-years, raised seven kids and have led an interesting life.
The've had jobs like private investigator, photographer, and over the road truck driver.
Doug says, "Weve been a team and we always will be."
And this team is working toward graduation with political science degrees, and then, they hope, law school.
"Why do you want to be a lawyer? They can get things done", LaNetta said.
Doug commented, "All our life we've been people who have helped others, and we wanted to get into law to help peopl in different areas."
Despite the long road to higher education, the Blacks say their goals, and their success should show others that it's never too late, to live a dream.
"Don't let them go unfulfilled, go ahead and do it", Doug says.
LaNetta agrees.
"For heaven's sake do it. It's never too late, it's not as scary once you get into it the first day. And it's a wonderful experience, very exciting."
The blacks expect to graduate this December.
They also hope to enter law school at the Universty of Wisconsin-Madison, in the fall of 2007.